WSHL - FAQ - Rules


What is the WSHL?

The WSHL is a simulation league based off the PC version of NHL 2004 by EA Sports and updated by the great guys at

What does WSHL stand for?

The WSHL stands for World Simulation Hockey League

How many teams are in the WSHL?

The WSHL currently has 12 teams in 2 divisions

Is the WSHL planning expansion?

The league will always consider expansion. If interested in joining the league under expansion please send us an email HERE


The top 4 teams from each division will make the playoffs for a total of 8.

-Seed 1 plays Seed 4
-Seed 2 plays Seed 3

What is the off season tournament

The off season tournament is for teams not currently playing after Round 1 of the playoffs.

The tournament will consist of 8 teams in 2 pools. It will consist of the 4 teams that did not make the playoffs and the 4 teams that were elimatinated in round 1 of the WSHL playoffs

Player Overalls min/max

The lowest overall a player can achieve is 66 and the highest overall is 90. Goalies max out at 87 overall.


- Rookies enter the league on signup at 66 overall. This overall changes as Rookie games are played during the season
- A rookie will be classified as a player playing in his first full season or has played 8 or less games in any preceeding season.
- Must be signed between 1 and 3 seasons


- The game auto determines the injuries, the duration and type of injury
- The injury can be reduced by the GM by upgrading the team Medical.

All Star Game

- The game is played after 24 games have been played
- It will be East vrs West
- Host city will be WSHL cup winner from previous season
- Team captains will be randomly drawn and given 30 points towards their club team
- All Star game MVP gets 15 points, 2nd star gets 10 and 3rd gets 5
- When GM's select the teams they must pick at least 2 players from each team in their division. They have choice of any player in their divisions

Free Agents

- Can be picked up at any time before regular season ends
- If you want a FA player that player will be frozen for 12 hours just in case other teams want that player. If no other requests for that player within the 12hrs the player goes to that team. If 2 or more offers each team gets to submit a best offer with a salary and the best offer wins. The 12 hr period starts when the first GM asks for a player
- While on FA list the contract becomes frozen

New Signups

- If registered before the All Star Game they can come into the league early through a lottery draft or they can wish to keep their player in the rookie games being played
- If they wish to come into the league early they will not be considered a rookie and the highest they can come into the league at is 77
- The overall will be determined by a lottery draft where the closest GM to the number wins the player

Season Awards

- Some awards are automatically chosen based off of season performance but any award that needs to be chosen the GM's will vote on them
Players will recieve 25 ranking points for awards they have won

Change a players position

To change a Defenceman to Forward or Forward to Defence it will cost 50 GM points or 50 player points
To change a LW, RW or C to any other LW,RW or C it will cost 25 GM points or 25 player points


Suspensions will be determined by the WSHL Safety Board.

Since the league is fun and most hits are clean like they can suspend based off of any thing that might make the hit illegal.

If a player involved is a team that is managed by the Safety Board the league will make the ruling.

How many teams can I manage?

Any GM can manage up to two teams
**His two teams must be in opposite divisions and any trades need to be approved by the league.

GM player boosts

You have three choices to pick for your GM player

1- You recieve a +5 overall boost
2- Your player has no salary cap
3- You get 200 GM points to use on the team upgrade scale
**Which ever option you pick is what sticks with the player and can not be changed

Roster Size

Must maintain at least 22 players and 2 goalies
(5 - C, LW, RW) (7 - D) (2 - G)

- forwards must play forward and defensemen or defense.
**exception - powerplay and penalty kill you can play them where ever


- Maximum is 5 seasons and minimum is 1
- Rookies must sign between 1 and 3 seasons
- Once contract is fullfilled player becomes a free agent. Once the season is complete there will be a deadline date that will give GM's a chance to resign that player first. After that date if they are not signed they are automatically put to free agent list.
-if the gm does not want to retain the player he can trade the player or just release.

Salary Cap and Scale

35 million (35,000,000) for salary cap and 45 million (45,000,000) for combined hard team cap.
**With the salary cap players that play a game go against the cap. Any injuried players or healthy scratches do not count towards the salary cap. The hard cap is the limit of all combined player salaries regardless of playing or not.

**This will be looked at periodically to see if it needs changing.

66 - 67 = 600,000
68 - 69 = 700,000
70 - 71 = 800,000
72 - 73 = 900,000
74 - 75 = 1,000,000
76 - 77 = 2,000,000
78 - 79 = 3,000,000
80 - 81 = 4,000,000
82 - 83 = 5,000,000
84 - 85 = 6,000,000
86 - 87 = 7,000,000
88 - 89 = 8,000,000
90 + = 9,000,000

Players under contract

-if the player is under contract he belongs to the team he is currently on
- If a GM wants to release a player under contract
100 points per season on overalls 66-73
60 points per season on overalls 74-79
30 points per season on overalls 80+

**the points are either taken from the team points or from the player


- Trade deadline is after each team has played 24 games
- must maintain the 22 players and 2 goalies roster size with 5C, 5LW, 5RW, 7D and 2G. If you go under you must be back to the required limit
- Figure out the trades how ever you want but when an agreement is reached the trade must be posted in the GM section under trades with both GM's responding to it. Before completion the league will look to make sure it does not violate any rules
- Since we do not to RFA's or NTC's GM's can trade any player they wish
- If you manage 2 teams your trade will be reviewed by the league board
-If a team is Co-GM'd both CO-GM's need to approve
You may trade draft picks. I will guarantee 3 rounds and you may trade picks upto 3 seasons in advance
-You may also use your points in trades

Roster Violations

- Any roster violation will result in a loss regardless. It will be up to the GM to make sure their roster is good and the league will report to the GM after a game has been played
violations may include roster size, amount of players on a position, injured player still in lineup or incorrect lines.

Draft Picks and Draft

- I will guarantee 3 rounds for the draft
- You may trade your picks for any of the 3 rounds and upto 3 seasons in advance

The prospects in Round 1 will be between 75-82 overall. The amount of information you get to see on each player will depend on how much you have upgraded your Scouting in the progression scales. All other players will be 74 and lower

The draft positions will be determined by standings results and playoff results
1-4 are teams that did not make the playoffs
5-8 are teams out in first round
9-10 are teams out in second round
11-12 are cup winner and runner up

Team Relocation

- This is done in the off season but if you know you want to relocate mid season please start to prepare things while the season is going so that it does not delay the off season
- If you want to remain hush about it just contact one of the graphic guys and they will help you out.

What is the player and team progression system?

The player and team progression system is a point system that allows the GM or the player to spend points to help make the player or team better

Where can I find the points I have to spend?

Players will find their points to spend on their player page. GM's can spend these points on the players as well. The GM team points will be found on their respective team page.

When can I use these points?

You can use the points at any time through the season

Do points expire at seasons end?

The points do not expire and can be used at any time or be saved up if you are working for bigger upgrades

Do players and teams get points to start out?

Yes. Players will have 25 points credited and teams will be credited with 200

Player Scales & Info

Below you will find out how to rank up your player and how many points it costs to rank things up as well as how you earn points

Acceleration, Agility and Puck Control only
From 50 to 55, it costs 2 point to improve by one.
From 55 to 60, it costs 4 points to improve by one.
From 60 to 65, it costs 8 points to improve by one.
From 65 to 70, it costs 12 points to improve by one.
From 70 to 75, it costs 16 points to improve by one.
From 75 to 80, it costs 20 points to improve by one.
From 80 to 85, it costs 24 points to improve by one.

All other categories
From 50 to 60, it costs 2 point to improve by one.
From 60 to 70, it costs 4 points to improve by one.
From 70 to 80, it costs 8 points to improve by one.
From 80 to 90, it costs 12 points to improve by one.
From 90 to 99, it costs 16 points to improve by one.

Player Attributes**(P) = Permanent
-speed = 65 - 99
-acceleration = 50 - 85
-agility = 50 - 85
-deking = 50 - 99
-balance = 60 - 99
-puck control = 50 - 85
-endurance = 57 - 90
-passing = 60 - 99
-shot power = 68 - 99
-shot accuracy = 57 - 99
-hero rating = 99 (P)
-aggression = 60 - 99
-checking = 52 - 99
-toughness = 50 - 99 (fighting skill)
-fighting = always,sometime,rarely,never
-Resist penalties = 60 (P) changed based off of team GM upgrades
-Resist injuries = 60 (P) changed based off of team GM upgrades
-faceoffs = 60 - 99
-potential = 90 (P) can be risen to 95 based off team GM upgrades
-prestige = match the player overall (P) determines alot on how much ice time player will get
-shoot/pass = 0 - 15
-pass/carry = 12
-Defense/Offence = 0 (P)

Goalie point upgrade costs
From 50 to 55, it costs 1 point to improve by one
From 55 to 60, it costs 2 points to improve by one
From 60 to 65, it costs 4 points to improve by one
From 65 to 70, it costs 6 points to improve by one
From 70 to 75, it costs 8 points to improve by one
From 75 to 80, it costs 10 points to improve by one
From 80 to 85, it costs 13 points to improve by one
From 85 to 90, it costs 16 points to improve by one
From 90 to 95, it costs 20 points to improve by one

Goalie Attributes
-recovery = 50 - 90
-agility = 50 - 90
-speed = 50 - 90
-breakways = 50 - 90
-fivehole = 50 - 90
-rebound control = 50 - 90
-endurance = 50 - 90
-passing = 50 - 90
-glove high = 50 - 90
-glove low = 50 - 90
-stick high = 50 - 90
-stick low = 50 - 90
-poke check = 50 - 90
-toughness = 50 - 95
-intensity = 50 - 95

How to earn your points for the above scales

+2 ranking point for each goal, assist, power play goal and power play assist
+5 ranking points for each short handed goal and short handed assist and overtime goal and overtime assist
+1 for each penalty minute 100 and 140
+2 for each penalty minute 140 and 180
+3 for each penalty minute 180 and above +1 point for each number +/- is above +5
-1 point for each penalty minute between 20 and 40
-2 points for each penalty minute between 40 and 75
-3 points for each penalty minute between 75 and 100
-1 points for each number +/- is -5 or lower
-Upto 100 points for quality 200+ word stories

points and pims use player scale above
+25 points for save % .935 - 1.00
+25 points for gaa 0.00 to 1.50
+15 points for save % .900 - .934
+15 points for gaa 1.51 - 2.50
+15 points for each shutout
+4 points for each win
+2 points for each OTL
-2 point for each loss
-20 points for save % 0 - .799
-20 points for gaa 3.51 and higher
-10 points for save % .800 to .899
-10 points for gaa 2.51 - 3.50

Team scales and Info

Below you will find out how you can rank your team up on the team upgrade scales and how you can earn points to spend on that scale or use on your players

Any points a GM/team earns can be spent on the scales or spent on the teams players. If you are looking to upgrade a player you can deposit points to that player if you do not want to upgrade right away but make sure the points are there.

The following scales are only if the GM remains active. CPU teams the points are just credited

How to earn your points for your team and players

+200 points if every player plays 16 games
+150 points if every player plays 12 games
+100 points if every player plays 8 games
+50 points if every player plays 4 games
+25 points if every player plays 2 games
+5 points for each win
+3 points for each OT loss
-team with most goals for, least against, best powerplay, best penalty kill are each awarded +60 points. Each team below one another will get 5 points less than the team above
+20 points for making playoffs
+50 points for WSHL cup winner
+25 points for WSHL cup runner up
+25 points for tournament gold winner
+20 points for tournament silver winner
+15 points for tournament bronze winner
-5 points for each loss
-Upto 100 points for quality 200+ word stories

Team Upgrades chart

**These settings below do not reset after each season you can keep progressing

-level 1 = 1 week faster (100 points)
-level 2 = 2 weeks faster (250 points)
-level 3 = 3 weeks faster (500 points)
-level 4 = 4 weeks faster (1000 points)
-level 5 = 5 weeks faster (1500 points)

LAWYERS - get player discounts
-level 1 = 5% off (250 points)
-level 2 = 10% off (500 points)
-level 3 = 15% off (1500 points)
-level 4 = 20% off (2500 points)
-level 5 = 25% off (4000 points) *also be able to drop players free of penalty

SCOUTING - Allows to see more player attributes for draft
-level 1 = can see 2 attributes (100 points)
-level 2 = can see 4 attributes (250 points)
-level 3 = can see 6 attributes (500 points)
-level 4 = can see 8 attributes (1000 points)
-level 5 = can see all attributes & overall (1500 points)

COACHING - all players start in league with penalty/injury resist of 60
-level 1 = move to 65 (100 points)
-level 2 = move to 70 (200 points)
-level 3 = move to 75 (300 points)
-level 4 = move to 80 (400 points)
-level 5 = move to 85 (800 points)

TRAINING -points are added to each team player at seasons end
-level 1 = gain 10 ranking points (150 points)
-level 2 = gain 25 ranking points (300 points)
-level 3 = gain 50 ranking points (600 points)
-level 4 = gain 100 ranking points (1000 points)
-level 5 = gain 200 ranking points (2000 points) ** reach this level and players potential can reach 95 instead of 90

**With the above you need to purchase each level before you can move to the next level. Can't buy level 2 without buying level 1


Aren't these logos the property of the teams?

Did you get permission from all of these teams to display their logos?

Yes, the logos are the property of the teams. No, we didn't get permission to use the logos. Many of the teams have long since gone out of business and the logos may not have been copyrighted or registered as trademarks. For more current logos, which many certainly have been copyrighted, we use the logos under the blanket of "fair use". Since this site archives hockey history, it is for historical purposes. There should be no trademark violations because we are not selling any products associated with any of the logos displayed.

In any event, if you're the holder of a copyright on any of these logos, and would not like your logo displayed, please e-mail us and upon proof of ownership, we'll take the logo down.

I would like to give Dave @ credit for the creation of our Vancouver Rampage and New Jersey Ice Killers logos

I would like to give Robert Jeppson credit for the Prince George Pride logo

Other Credits

I would like to credit all the people that have made templates that made it possible for us to add in the graphics. I don't have the list of names but they all know who they are.

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